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MFG combines contemporary elements of jazz together with a lot of groove and improvisation. They just released their first album, Svaj which consists of 10 songs, each with it’s own character. All songs - except one - is written by the drummer Martin Forsstedt who is also the band leader. The album has already received a warm welcome by the critics with sentences like ”light, with a lot of movement and generous amount of space for the soloists” and ”a varied CD which emits light and warmth”.

When MFG plays live it’s always a new experience for the audience. The arrangements changes from day to day depending on the mood and feel but the core values, a fun, free, improvised and relaxed experienced is never compromised.

”A debut album which impresses in many ways, for example the maturity of the compositions and the variety of the arrangements.”

4/5 Ulf Thelander, Orkester Journalen

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Martin Forsstedt
Rådstugränd 2B
776 30 Hedemora

P: (+46)73 - 542 54 92